“Cooking Well Doesn’t Mean Cooking Fancy” — Julia Child

Photo :@mightyquinns

1. Black Kitchen Gloves

Throwing on a pair of disposable gloves will prevent everything from a week of purple hands after peeling beets to a trip to the ER after rubbing your eyes post chili chop. Leave the powdered latex gloves to the doctors and airport security and grab a box of 100 disposable black nitrile gloves. We don’t even freaking know what nitrile means but they look badass, they’re cheap and they’ll keep you clean. Try these or these on Amazon.

2. Mason Jars

Glasses get broken at dinner parties. No, you’re not a hipster if you serve drinks in mason jars and at $1.20 a piece you level up from red dixie cups for very little expense. You can also drop a mason jar from waist height and it will most likely survive.

3. Swiss Vegetable Peeler

This is the last peeler you will ever need.

4. Silicone Spatula

You’d be surprised how much you use a spatula. Go with this silicone scraper (hell ya made in Portage, WI) because they don’t melt in your goulash and you get every last drop.

5. Paper Towel (Wetted, Under Your Cutting Board)

Photo: Cucina Kristina

We’d be willing to bet more people get cut by a sliding cutting board than any knife. You don’t need to buy that fancy nonslip thing, just do this.

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