1. The Free-ist Most Incredible Ambience

Golden hour works for photos and it works for entertaining. Google What Time Is Sunset? Aim to sit down an hour


Photo: @athomeinlove before that time.

2. Get Lit

After sunsets, candles are the cheapest mood setter in the game, just buy a pile from the dollar store and scatter them around. Everyone will subconsciously thank you because everyone looks better in candlelight.

3. Draw On Your Tablecloth

Ask your butcher for a couple big sheets of industrial butcher paper. When you lay out cured meats, jams, cheeses ect. grab a sharpie and label what each item is directly on the paper. It takes one minute, it shows you care and people will actually know what they’re eating.

Photo: @MollyYeh

4. Consider A Boil

Steaming shellfish dumped onto newspaper with chilled beer is pretty much an entertaining walk off shot. Clam bakes, crawfish boils, oyster roasts and lobster steams are no frills, fun and easy.

5. Bug Off

Nothing kills the vibe like a couple mosquitos buzzing the table. Simple precautionary measures will go a long way. Go for the timeless classic, the mosquito coil or here’s a great list.

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