How do you spell chili? Is it chile? Or is it chilli? We Have no idea.

1. Milk Kills Spice

Gone too far? Did those Carolina Reaper pepper pancakes drive you into a fit of twitching and sweats? Down a glass of milk. Chilies contain a substance called capsaicin, milk binds with the hot capsaicin oils to disperse them.

2. The Seeds Are Where All The Heat Is

Scrape the seeds out to get more chili flavor without blow your face off heat. Adding whole peppers to stews and stir fries is another simple trick. Love heat? Slit the peppers open and have add it.

Photo: @inquiringchef

3. Grow Your Own

You don’t have to be Martha, just a pot and some sunlight and you’re living the dream.

4. Learn Your Chilis

Never underestimate the power of a corny poster to expand your food knowledge. Hang it somewhere you’ll see it daily for a month, voila you’re a chili aficionado.

5. Where Gloves When Chopping

For your loved ones, your own eyes ect.

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