Cooking is like basketball, learn to shoot, pass, jump and dribble separately then combine to dominate and hang 51 points on the competition.

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Just brush citrus lemons, limes or oranges with oil and grill cut side down until caramelized. It’s a 1 ingredient, 2 minute sauce for anything and will make the best lemonade you’ve ever had.

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Microplane everything. Lime zest over fish, chocolate over ice cream, ginger into tea, frozen butter over steak, palm sugar over pad thai, bottarga over pasta. It’s a hell of a party trick and in 10 seconds can take a dish to the next level. Keep asking “Will It Microplane?

3. Ground Japanese Panko Breading

Throw panko bread crumbs in a food processor or a blender until it’s as fine as coarse sand. If you’re making anything from crab cakes to croquettes this will give you a perfectly crisp coating every time.

Why does any meat on a stick in Japan or Thailand taste so damn good? Proper charcoal. With a cheap grill rack, charcoal and a flame you can pretty much be a mobile Yakitori stand. We love Pok Pok’s Thai Style Binchotan Charcoal, you can check out lots of racks and cool grills here.

No other ingredient will make more delicious food come out of your kitchen faster.

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You might like Mantry because we help guys cook better but we’re not good at basketball.


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