Bloody Marys, Hot Sauce & Hash for the Brunch crowd.

Pitured Above: Stu's Oyster Bloody Mary

Bacon Bloody Mary Recipe Here

Stu’s Bloody Mary // Chicago, IL

Like most truly revolutionary ideas, Stus Bloody Mary Mix was conceived over a booze-infused brunch, where two college buddies decided to take a stand after yet another flavourless Bloody Mary. Luckily, Stu was a Cordon Bleu-trained chef who sweated in the kitchen of Alinea (the 7th best restaurant in the world) and Rudi had sweated out enough Bloody Mary’s to spot a good one.

Dragon’s Blood Elixir // Woodstock, CT

Doug Crane, is hot sauce folklore, his elusiveness has gained him the nickname “The Whooping Crane” and he respects ingredients in their natural habitat enough to use Connecticut habaneros and apples to produce what Details Magazine called one of “America’s Best Undiscovered Hot Sauces”. Eggs, pizza and pan fries highly recommended.

Reginald’s Bourbon Pecan Butter // Sabot, VA

Named after a childhood dog (not a boozehound), Andrew Brooker gives a nod to his favorite pooch by slipping some hooch into a batch of fresh roasted Virginia peanuts and pecans. Our call? Get some crusty ciabatta and go Elvis with a Grilled Bourbon Pecan Banana Sandwich.

Coffee Summer Sausage Hash Recipe Here

Herbed Coffee Rub // Just Cook // San Francisco, CA

The quickest way to wake up a couple steaks is a good rub and 20 year veteran to software sales Scott Lucas has developed a foolproof formula. Wait, what? A software guy making spice rubs? Yep, like the quiet kid in the corner of the class that secretly knows Karate, Scott has a knack for kicking things up. In this batch, the richness of coffee is cut with smoky chipotle and rounded out with cumin. Just dust on a hanger steak or elevate your morning with our Herbed Coffee Summer Sausage Hash (recipe:

Summer Sausage // Vermont Smoke & Cure // Hinesburg, VT

Deciding the pre-made refrigerated gas station burger was a lost cause, Vermont Smoke & Cure took a run at another ubiquitous pit stop offering and set out to upgrade the Summer Sausage. Scratch made in small batches using all natural meats from local farms, it’s the perfect partner in your breakfast hash.

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