Mantry introduces our "Expert" series.  From Bourbon to Jerky to Keto to BBQ top minds give us their insider picks. 

 Leopard Crust// Pizza Expert

It's time for pizza so we tag in Feng from @leopardcrust who pumps out dazzling pizza on a daily basis.  Here's a list of favorite summer zza ideas to get you inspired to make your own perfect pie at home.

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And Now...Bring On The Pizza! 

If you love pizza as much as the summer time, this is for you. Impress your friends and beat the heat with these refreshing takes on the best sharing food in the world!

Pizza bianca with heirloom tomatoes

Toppings: Heirloom tomatoes, fresh oregano, sourdough breadcrumbs, roasted garlic, stracciatella

It’s tomato season, so use them fresh and unadulterated on a pizza bianca to get the most out of their juicy goodness. Heirloom cherry or plum tomatoes are the best picks for the sweetest bursts of flavour. Can’t find stracciatella? Substitute it with mozzarella and cream, bake your pizza in the oven with the garlic, and add the tomatoes, oregano and breadcrumbs before digging right in.

The land of milk, honey & roni

Toppings: Honey, paprika, burrata, pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato sauce

Your trusty pal, pepperoni pizza, is taken to a whole new level when it gets heaped with an oozing burrata and lashings of honey. Cold burrata on a hot pepperoni pizza makes this the delicious pizza equivalent of a hot fudge sundae.

Pulled pork & jalapeños

Toppings: Gochujang pulled pork, jalapeños, chilli flakes, mozzarella, grated parmesan, tomato sauce

If you’re already throwing barbeques or smoking meats on your grill, save some to put on a pizza. Juicy, fatty cuts? Perfect. Burnt ends? Even better. Add a dab of hot sauce if you really want to feel the heat of summer.

Pesto & za’atar

Toppings: crispy onions, garlic, za’atar, pesto & mozzarella

Basil plants explode in the summertime, so help your local growers tame their bodacious basil plants by turning some into pesto. Mix that pesto with mozzarella, bake that mix on a pizza, then top with sliced garlic, crispy onions and za’atar (or your favourite herb blend) for a punchy pie.

Queen Margherita

Toppings: burrata, basil, extra virgin olive oil, grated pecorino romano, tomato sauce

Last, but certainly not least, we have the classic pizza margherita. While pizza margherita is great all-year-round, its fresh ingredients hit their peak in summer! In the pizza community, we affectionately call pizza margherita ‘the queen’, because it is commonly believed to be named after Queen Margherita of Savoy (although die-hard pizza historians will declare that this is untrue! Some hot gossip for you.) 

The pizza above is the queen ready to make a royal appearance. The traditional mozzarella di bufala is replaced with a burrata, for this special occasion. 


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