Go from sauceless to sauce boss in 2 minutes flat…

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1. Brown The Meat (or Veg)

A pork chop, chicken breast or skirt steak is a good start. Hit it with high heat and don’t flip it too much so you develop a nice crust. This also works with seafood, cauliflower steaks, brussel sprouts and other sturdy veg too.

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2. Add Aromatics

After removing the protein you can add some shallots, onion or garlic for some more depth of flavor.

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3. Deglaze With Wine Or Stock

That beautifully caramelized goodness at the bottom of the pan is what the French call “fond”. Add a splash of red wine or stock to pull it off the pan.

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4. Add Cold Butter

Ever wonder how restaurant sauces have that brilliant shimmer? It’s often a little cold butter stirred into the sauce in the final seconds. The cold butter helps the sauce emulsify (do this off of the heat).

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5. Finish With Fresh Herbs + Salt

A combination of chopped chives, parsley (or chervil, tarragon, basil) will waken up the flavor of any sauce. Basically butter + salt + herbs and you can dress up everything from a chicken breast to a bland old turnip.

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5 Easy Tips For A Perfect Pan Sauce

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