Bourbon makes everything better.

Salted Bourbon Goat’s Milk Caramel // Fat Toad Farm // Brookfield, VT

We are hard-pressed to find a product teeming with more passion, dedication and commitment than what’s captured in each jar of Fat Toad Farm “Cajeta”.There’s “Artisan” and then there’s raising your own goats in central Vermont, milking them, then standing over copper pots for hours on end reducing down the milk until the sugars naturally caramelize to produce this mexican answer to dulce de leche. Add a little Bourbon and Sea Salt for good measure and this tangy grassy caramel is on the cutting edge of what we’re coining as the “teat to table” movement.

Bourbon Marshmallows // Wondermade // Orlando, FL

Enter Nathan Clark, who started handcrafting bourbon magic in Orlando. Try them in a Goat Caramel S’more Slider (recipe

Bourbon Nib Brittle // Olive & Sinclair // Nashville, Tennessee

Scotty WItherow is a standup guy with a stand out Southern Chocolate shop that’s hand roasting and stone grinding single origin cacao beans in the music city. Witherow trained in England at Le Cordon Bleu, the Fat Duck and Nobu before combining cacao beans aged in old barrels from local distilleries and bourbon to bang out this buttery bliss. Upgrade some store bought vanilla ice cream by swirling in some broken brittle and Fat Toad Caramel.

Bourbon Sugar Grilled Peaches Recipe Here

Bourbon Smoked Sugar // Bourbon Barrel Foods // Louisville, KY

A spoonful of sugar can chase the toughest-to-take pill, as our favorite flying nanny told us — or with the addition of whisky, it can be the medicine itself. These raw crystals, smoked over smoldering bourbon barrel staves, will cure whatever ails you, from a lagging julep (sprinkle around the rim) to a last-minute dessert: mix a dash into melted butter, brush onto peach halves, and toss on the grill to caramelize.

Hazelnut Whiskey Cookies // Whimsy & Spice // Brooklyn, NY

A husband and wife team — he a pastry chef, she a designer — so you know their treats will look as good as they taste. And vice versa. This little bit of edible art sandwiches Scotch whisky-infused Madagascar chocolate between two crunchy, hazelnut- and chocolate-chip-studded cookies. It’s not bourbon, but we couldn’t resist.

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