1. Start Taking Responsibility For Your Cooking Skills

“Getting started is more important than becoming an expert.” -Ramit Sethi

Ok, that’s actually a finance quote but it applies perfectly to cooking. Start, even if it’s as simple as Smashed Avocado On Toast or a 3 ingredient dish, small wins build momentum and draw you in. Most people can’t cook because they have never tried.

2. Build A Habit

Sunday night dinners, Saturday morning breakfast, hell, Tuesday midnight snacks. Pick one meal at the same time every week and commit to trying a new dish. Cooking is a bit like learning an instrument, if you don’t build a routine around deliberate practice, it just won’t happen.

3. Cook With Someone

Cook with someone, you know why chefs can stand on their feet for 15 hours a day and peel grapes? They are not alone.



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