3 Easy Tips For Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Because it’s the cozy chunky-knit sweater of side dishes.

1. Salt Bake Potatoes For The Perfect Mash

The French call it “Pomme Puree” and the secret to velvety mashed potatoes is to bake your spuds on a layer of salt. It draws out the moisture and leaves the inside light and fluffy so they can absorb more butter, cream and good stuff.

Photo: America’s Test Kitchen

2. Rice Rice Baby

A simple potato ricer will help you create the creamiest mash the quickest.

3. Infuse Cream

Fat is the best vessel for flavor. Simply toss in a handful of woody herbs like rosemary or thyme and half a garlic head when heating the cream to add to the mash.

Photo: Short Cake And Snap


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