Because toast is just the beginning…

1. In a breakfast sandwich like this Borsellino & Fried Egg Sandwich.

2. In a smoothie like this Peanut Butter & Banana Jam Smoothie.

3. On waffles like these Bourbon Pecan Waffles with Banana Jam.

4. In baking like this Drunken Monkey Bread.

5. In a grilled PB +J like this Grilled Honey Chipotle PB & J.


6. Use as a grilling glaze like these Grilled Spareribs with Cherry Cola Glaze.

Photo: Bon Appetit

7. Scoop a small spoon-full of jam into the middle of your favorite sugar cookies like these Jam Thumbprints.

Photo: Real Simple

8. Shake it into a cocktail like this Gin & Jam Cocktail.

Photo: Honestly Yum

9. Add it to braising liquid like this Crispy Braised Apricot Chicken.

Photo: Salt & Lavender

10. Add it to a grilled cheese like this Bacon Jam Grilled Cheese.


11. Serve It Alongside Cheese.

Photo: Honestly Yum

12. Stir Into sauces like this Pepper Jelly Barbecue Sauce.

Photo: Coconut & Lime

13. Sweeten up your bowl of oatmeal or porridge with a dollop of jam instead.

Photo: Cookie + Kate

14. DIY Pop Tarts like these Bacon Jam Pop Tarts.

Photo: The Young Austinian

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