Hello World

When you start a company, there is always the question of which channels you are going to focus on to engage with your audience. Should we have a Pinterest? Should we connect our Twitter to Facebook or the other way around? How do I use Snapchat anyway?

When we first started Mantry it was no different. Eventually we settled on setting up a Facebook, an Instagram and a Tumblr, and we figured we’d be able to communicate with other food lovers on these channels as well as through our mailing list and our printed material we include in every Mantry crate.

Well, almost three years later, we’re finally deciding it is time for a blog. There’s a lot of cool stuff we come across that doesn’t really fit in an Instagram post, or doesn’t really belong in a crate, but is still useful in our ongoing conversation about American artisan food. So this will be the platform for some of those conversations. You’ll find makers we love, trips we take across the country, thoughts on business and the food space in general, and probably the odd Nicholas Cage photo.

Bon Appétit!