If you enjoy food, which is to say you are a sentient human, walking around Queens is akin to being a child set loose in a Toys ”R” Us on an unlimited spending spree. One can have arepas for breakfast, Tibetan Momos for lunch and a Bengali thali for dinner, or the reverse. The glutton, the spoils at forks reach in Queens is so preposterously grand that Manhattan’s diluted bistros and trattorias start looking like overly bedazzled show ponies. It is in one word, exciting. The top of the heap in American dining. In a nation of immigrants, what's more American than the world’s food in a couple of square miles?

Episode Intel:

White Bear
135-02 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11354
Reggie Ate: Spicy Dumplings

Lanzhou Handmade Noodle
136-20 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11354 Located in New World Mall
Reggie Ate: Stir Fried Hand Pulled Noodles

Chinese Korean Dumplings and Noodles
New Word Mall Food Court, Queens
Reggie Ate: Dumplings in Spicy Soup

Tawa Roti Dhaulagiri Food
37-38 72nd St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Reggie Ate: Nepalese Thahli

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