Lower Price. Higher Value.

We delivered the very first Mantry in February 2012 out of the back of an Acura going door-to-door.  Since that (very) grassroots start we’ve been able to achieve significant innovations in many of the operations at Mantry.  

We wanted to pass on the value created by these innovations to our members and make the service more accessible to a wider audience.

What does that mean for you? The price is now only $75 $49.

We also conducted hundreds of 1-on-1 interviews with existing members and implemented upgrades based on the most consistent feedback.

  1. Mantry will ship every 2nd Month, allowing members more time to use products and our team more time to scour America to uncover the most unique and talented food makers, resulting in better curation, storytelling and products (this also contributes to savings for members in shipping, sourcing and logistics).

  1. The first Mantry a gift recipient or new subscriber receives will come in our signature wooden crate, any subsequent Mantry will arrive in a mailer to reduce packaging waste.

We’re excited to roll with this new offering for 2016! If you’d like to check out Mantry for yourself, you can subscribe here.